Here's what is blooming right now in our Bedding Plant House


Great to plant now while we are still a few weeks away from the last frost date. They are inexpensive and add pops of color & cheer. Mix them with spring bulbs and you have a great start to your spring garden. Sun to part shade. 

Size: sold in 4", 6"



These colorful annuals because dainty size look great in planters and Easter baskets. They are hardy and like the pansy are good to plant now to kick off the spring season. Sun to part 

Size: sold in 4", 6", Sections, & Flats

Tropical Hibiscus

These tropical beauties have started to open up! They need to be kept inside till temprature rise, but in the meantime will bring a tropical vibe to your home. Water regularly. They like full sun to be fertilize weekly and deadhead as needed. They are not hardy in this area.

Size: sold in 10" pot

Color: Assorted 


Also known as English primrose, primula or common primrose, primula acaulis is a spring bloomer available in a variety of bright colors.A low-growing plant that tops out at 8 inches, primula is grown in shady woodland gardens, borders, mass plantings and containers.

Size: sold in 4" pot

Color: Assorted 

The primroses are starting to bloom! We

Cyclamen Mix Halio

Compact Plants with large blooms on strong stems over dark marbled foliage. Performs well across a range of conditions, including high heat and light. Partial Shade.

Ht 20-36 cm.wt. 15-20 cm 

Size: sold in 6" pot

Color: Assorted 

Please note that our inventory is live and subject to change at a moments notice