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Home Grown



Not All Baskets Are Pictured

Combo 1.jpg

Combo One

Combo 34.jpg

Combo Three

Combo 5.jpg

Combo Five

Combo 2.jpg

 Combo Two

combo 4.jpg

Combo Four

Combo 6.jpg

Combo Six

Combo 8.jpg

Combo Eight

Combo 10.jpg

Combo Ten

Cabaret Spring Showers.jpg

Cabaret Spring Showers

Combo 9.jpg

 Combo Nine

Cabaret Sweet Melody.jpg

Cabaret Sweet Melody

Cabaret Deep Yellow.jpg

Cabaret Deep Yellow

Cabaret Lavender.jpg

Cabaret Lavender

cabaret fruit cocktail.jpg

Cabaret Fruit Cocktail

Trixi Combo Double Date Mix.jpg

 Double Date Mix

cabaret Spirits united .jpg

Cabaret Spirits United

Uno Violet Star.jpg

Uno Violet Star

Cherry Kiss.jpg

Cherry Kiss

Supertunia Bubblegum.jpg

Supertunia Bubblegum

Supertunia Giant Pink.jpg

Supertunia Giant Pink

Begonia Selonia Apricot.jpg

Begonia Solenia Apricot

Supertunia Bordoeux.jpg

Supertunia Bordeaux

Begonia Selonia Velvet Red.jpg

Begonia Velvet Red

Begonia Iconic Tweety Pie.jpg

Begonia Tweety Pie


Begonia Dusty Rose

Begonia Carnival.jpg

Begonia Carnival

Begonia Iconic First Kiss.jpg

Begonia Iconic First Kiss

Begonia Solenia REd.jpg

Begonia Solenia Red

Begonia Joy.jpg

Begonia Joy

Begonia Charm.jpg

Begonia Charm

Begonia Dragon Wing Pink.jpg

Dragon Wing Pink

Imp NG Mag Purple.jpg

Impatien Mag. Purple

impatien mag white.jpg

Impatien Mag. White

Dragon Wing Red.jpg

Dragon Wing Red

impat magnum salmon.jpg

Impatien Mag. Salmon

impatien mag clear pink.jpg

Impat. Mag. Clear Pink

impa magnum red.jpg

Impatien Magnum Red

musica red.jpg

Musica Elegant Red

Lantana New Gold.jpg

Lantana New Gold

Impatien double.jpg

Musica bi color Pink

musica bi color cherry.jpg

Musica Bi Color Cherry

Lucky Flame.jpg

Lantana Lucky Flame

lucky sunrise.jpg

Lantana Lucky Sunrise 

survivor baby face.jpg

Survivor Baby Face

cherry red.jpg

Survivor Cherry Red

Geranium Patriot Watermelon.jpg

Patriot Watermelon


Tango White

survivor blue.jpg

Survivor Blue


 Patriot Evenglow

cascade soft sofie.jpg

Cascade white/sofie

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