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Our 1 Year Tree & Shrub Warranty 

Signal Mtn. Nursery guarantees all plants to be alive and healthy.
Should your tree or shrub not survive the first year, you will receive a CREDIT FOR 50% off the purchase price towards another plant.

Discounted items are not included.

Receipt and plant MUST be present.
(absolutely no exceptions)
Most plants are lost due to improper planting
and watering, that is why we believe in shared
We cannot guarantee plants that have not been cared for properly or those destroyed by Acts of God.


Can I apply the warranty to my dead houseplant/perennial/annual?
No, the warranty only applies to trees and shrubs.

I lost my receipt. Can SMN find record of my purchase?

We cannot find old receipts in our system. It is the customer's responsibility to keep receipts.

Do I really have to dig up my dead tree/shrub for the warranty?
Yes! This is for two reasons: 1) so we can match the receipt to the plant and 2) so our plant experts can "diagnose" the dead plant and help you move forward.

Return Policy

Plant Returns:

We can accept plant returns/exchanges within 24 hours of purchase with receipt. 

This is to reduce risk of contamination and preserve the health of our greenhouses.

Other Merchandise:

We can accept non-plant returns within 30 days of purchase with receipt. Items must be in new condition and must have original tags.

Hold Policy

We can hold plants for a maximum of 2 days without payment. We cannot accept payment for plants until pickup. Paying for plants does not extend length of the hold.

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