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Cut Flower

Let us germinate the seeds for your very own cutting garden!

How it works: Choose from the seed varieties shown below. Then, you must pay ahead for each seed tray you order. Each 50-cell plug tray is only $25. Finally, we will give the seeds lots of love and have the plants ready for you in April to plant your own cut flower garden!

Flower Varieties to Choose From

Zinnia Dahlia Mix

Celosia Pampas Plume

Cosmos Sensation Mix

Zinnia Oklahoma Mix

Celosia Chief Mix

Keep in Mind..

All trays must be picked up by April 30th or they will be tossed and no refunds given at all. You must pick from the choices we have given; you cannot bring your own seeds for us to germinate. Only one seed variety per tray. We will need orders by March 18th.

Call us to place your order OR come to the nursery to place it in person!

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