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School Savings Program

Signal Mountain Nursery is committed to being an active education partner in the communities we serve. By participating in the School Savings Program every time you shop, your school will benefit.

The School Savings Program allows parents, grandparents, family members, students and teachers to support their school and classrooms.  Whenever a purchase is made at Signal Mountain Nursery, 2% of the total purchases* will be applied towards a Merchandise Credit.  In addition, the program is flexible. Your school does not have to wait until the end of the year to be rewarded.  We will accept bundled receipts whenever you are ready! Merchandise Credits can be used for plant material and supplies for any school related project. 

Kid's Drawings

Participation is Easy:

  • Designate a school contact that can serve as the Signal Mountain Nursery liaison.

  • Start collecting original register receipts from purchases* made at Signal Mountain Nursery.

  • Send all collected receipts* to the Signal Mountain Nursery Marketing Department.

  • You can submit bundled receipt multiple times throughout the year.  Merchandise Credit will be awarded to the contact at the participating school by Signal Mountain Nursery. 

Come by the retail store:

Marketing Department - School Savings Program

Signal Mountain Nursery

1100 Hubbard Road

Signal Mountain, TN 37377

Children in the Garden

Program Guidelines:

  • The School Savings Program is available to grades K-12

  • Merchandise Credits received as part of the School Saving Program will expire one year following the date of issue

  • Signal Mountain Nursery will not be responsible for collecting or retaining school receipts. 

*Tax and Landscape service receipts are not included in program

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