Upcoming Classes

Swing by the nursery for a free Summer Session! 


July 17th @ 9AM

Flower Fanatic 

Join us in learning about cut flower gardening, making flower arrangements and how to press flowers as well. Tons of flower filled fun!

July 24th @ 11AM

Propagation Basics 

Learn about all the different ways to propagate your houseplants and what vessels you can use.


August 7th @ 11AM

Houseplants & Light 

Learn about how lighting affects your plants, what kind of supplemental lighting you can use and where to find them. Understand realistic ideals of what your houseplant will look like growing in your home vs growing in a greenhouse.


August 14th @ 11AM

 Fall Veggie Prep 

Get ready for fall and learn how to prepare your garden for fall veggies!


August 21st @ 11AM

Extending the Flower Garden into Fall 

How to get the most life from your summer garden and how to supplement color and flowers into the upcoming cold months.